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C.E. Conover formulates, compounds and molds a wide range of elastomer materials suited for a highly diverse range of applications. Equipped with an on-site laboratory, we formulate custom propriety compounds for the most demanding applications to meet specific customer requirements.

We observe and stand by our exclusive arrangements with our customers when a compound has been formulated based on their individual applications.  Some of these compounds have been submitted for patents by our customers. These exclusive materials provide a unique market advantage for our customers in a many different industries.
Many of the compounds were designed to handle extreme conditions with operating temperatures ranging from -60°f through 572°f

Our compounds include formulations that are specified for corrosive environments in the chlorination industry as well as Platinum cured Silicones for use in cleanroom applications for the Semi-Conductor Industry.

We always look forward to developing new compounds to meet the demands of an ever changing global marketplace.

Please note that many compounds are available in FDA Grade.
C.E. Conover is also equipped with a Mold/Tool Shop