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At 20,000 feet in the air,  failure is not an option.  That's why the aerospace industry counts on C.E. Conover and uses our seals in many of their fixed wing, rotary, and space equipment.


Water treatment plants, public wastewater treatment, and other industries often have challenging sealing needs. C.E.  Conover has the expertise and experience to meet those requirements.


Transportation of hazardous material requires strict standards for the integrity of the delivery process - which means that the connections need to be sealed properly and stand up to the constant connection and disconnection of its parts.  Fortunately, C.E. Conover has an impeccable record for making products with the highest integrity in the business.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Wafer etching operations involve acids and other solvents which are designed to dissolve materials and prepare a substrate to accept a new material.  Seals which are highly chemical resistant are necessary to preserve the integrity of the process.

Food Processing

FDA regulations make the safe handling of food a priority from the raw material all the way through to the consumer.  The manufacturing process requires seal integrity throughout to avoid cross-contamination and other issues.


Compounds and seals which need to stand up against harsh petroleum based products are one of the main requests we get at C.E. Conover.


Like food processing, the pharmaceutical industry has a higher threshold for seal integrity than most industries.  That's why they choose C.E. Conover

Welcome to C.E. Conover

Whether it’s a road trip in the family car or on a rocket launched into outer space, you’ll find products manufactured by C.E. Conover.  While we’re known for O-Rings, our business has expanded over the years to include many different types of seals and custom specific finished products for standard as well as custom applications.  We started as primarily a military/ defense and aerospace supplier but have since evolved to provide custom compound formulations as well as high precision finished molded and machined parts for commercial applications in the pharmaceutical, transportation, automotive, food processing, semi-conductor industries to name a few. For your reference our cage code number is 07060 Click here to download our current ISO certification. For additional certifications /documentation- Please contact our quality department.